Another IT in Transition Indicator: Software as a Service (SaaS)

Have you been following the morphing of ( Fascinating really. They were one of the first to really drive a mainstream and highly profitable Application as a Service (ASP) …why is this not AaaS…oh, never mind…I digress.

Well now is spreading their wings, including full page ads in WSJ talking about See more at

We are now seeing all kinds of things being (potentially) delivered “as a service.” Google is also heading this way, and even the traditional “install-based” ISV’s are beginning to get SaaS-y. 🙂

Apple is way on board (perhaps in the lead for a platform vendor) with the very cool .Mac services.

And let’s not forget the very creative use of skills and capacity by Amazon with the Simple Storage Solutions (S3), Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) and other Amazon Web Services (AWS).

All of these innovations are on the path to further “virtualize” our computing experience. The “grid” is quietly emerging…and it works well. Plus, it’s pretty darned reasonable from a pricing point of view.

It makes sense if you think about it. It’s well aligned to the shift to more powerful hardware platforms (dual, quad and the coming octal core machines). And very well suited to supporting OS agnosticity as virtual memory (VM) moves into mainstream.

So as to not miss the SaaS party, this week SignaCert announced SignaCert Verify. It’s a service designed to support IT controls on an ASP basis to “verify” (clever, ay?) that elements of our customers critical infrastructure can be independently validated, starting with the DMZ.

Wonder if we should label this Trust as a Service (TaaS)?

Software Services “on call” and “on demand” are here… they are coming fast and here to stay and clearly represent another element of IT in transition.

Check ‘em out….and let me know what you think.


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