The Elephants are Stirring…

I have blogged in the past on the increasing momentum of virtualization as a major IT in Transition indicator. Over the past couple of weeks there have been some additional indicators.

First Oracle laid out more details of their virtualization strategy. See:

And Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz talked about Sun’s work in the VM space:

For details, I would check out the videos set that Sun EVP John Fowler had produced. While of course it’s “Sun skewed,” it is a very good overview of the technical details of Sun’s strategy. See the videos linked from here.

So as not to get lost in the shuffle, Dell announced their partnership with Sun at the same event, as well as having their own individual set of announcements. The Sun/Dell announcement is really directed at Dell’s adoption of Solaris as yet another supported operating system.

Likely a good move for both companies, although time and execution will reveal the true value. For Sun, extending the “ubiquity” of Solaris is an important tenant. And for Dell I would guess this falls under the “Simplify IT” banner as Sun has done some really good work to create an enterprise OS, especially in the area of virtualization options up, down and across the stack. Here is an article about the “Love Fest…”:

I will finish today with this thought…

How in the heck is all of this virtualization stuff going to shake out?

We KNOW it is a key technology for the future of IT. We KNOW every platform supplier and large ISV is wrestling with the strategic issues of how, when, and can I make money with it (or at least not kill my current cash cow). And we KNOW customers want and need the benefits.

Just to give you a sense of the emerging confusion (which only increased over the last few weeks). See:,1895,2216435,00.asp?kc=EWKNLNAVFEA1

So I have to admit to being “virtually” confused. This IT transition will be one of the most interesting of all. A real page turner. Stay tuned for more.


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