SignaCert Announcement relating to Microsoft at RSA

Today at RSA we announced a significant “arrangement” with Microsoft.  We also participated in the Microsoft Theater (link to presentation coming soon).

Obviously this is a big deal for us, but that is not why I am writing this blog entry.

This blog is titled “IT in Transition” and if this isn’t transitional, I don’t know what is.  From the release:

“This is a very important step in enabling much better trust, security and management solutions for Microsoft customers.  It underscores the ongoing commitment of Microsoft to provide expanded object reputation services within its products and services as new security standards and methods evolve,” said Greg Kohanim, Product Unit Manager of Microsoft. “As an ISV, Microsoft is proud to extend this common repository with its own information to enable the industry to increase security across the board.”

Thank you Mr. Kohanim.

Also from the release:

“Software whitelisting is becoming strategic for protecting compute devices. Who builds and maintains the list is one of the more significant issues,” said Neil MacDonald, VP and Gartner Fellow.  “Since ISVs are the source of much of the software (including the OS foundation), it makes sense to have the worldwide ISV community contribute, in a standard way, to a whitelist that has the broadest adoption and impact versus the complexity involved in building or contributing to proprietary databases.”

And thank you for your contributions Mr. MacDonald.  The insight around important IT trends, and identified “no brainers” in your blog posts are spot-on IMHO.

Here are the main elements of the arrangement without the required p/r marketing spin

  • SignaCert to deliver rich content services with direct-from-Microsoft software measurements
  • Microsoft to deliver products with known-provenance, cross-platform third-party content aggregated by SignaCert
  • Data Exchange Format to be made available for ISV/OEM Partner use

Thank you Microsoft.

We are very proud to have been selected as a key partner for Microsoft, and it is a tribute to the work of countless people who have supported and encouraged us to continue our work in these important areas for the last decade or so.  And thanks to all of our investors for the support of the vision and product creation.

Now the work really begins.

Stay tuned.

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