Speaking of Standards…..

I continue to follow with interest the work that Neil MacDonald from Gartner is doing as he examines trends in physical and virtual security methods and trends.

Here is his latest blog reporting on some observations gleamed from RSA around virtualization and security. Good stuff Neil.


I lock onto these things partially just because I am a geek at heart, and because I think it is fascinating to watch, ponder, and hopefully contribute something of value to effort along the way. And also believe that the Physical to Virtual IT transition point presents an excellent opportunity to “think differently”. I posted my thoughts on that in Neil’s latest blog.

And also because it is just freakin’ important to get these IT systems working better. You see I have this silly (and perhaps old-fashioned) notion of leaving the world better place than I found for my part in it.
And the only way I know how to do that is to work with a world-class team (like the one we have here at SignaCert) and to challenge the status quo day-in and day-out. And the only technology and discipline area that I know well is Information Technology security and systems management.
So here we are……

We’ll keep hammering on this with our friends, colleagues and trusted partners. With enough effort and will, even the biggest rocks can be moved.


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