Rolled a “7”…

February 18, 2008

Last week SignaCert was named one of the “7 Virtual Management Companies to Watch” by Network World. Wow, that came a bit out of left field…

Yes, we have been doing a lot of work in this space (configuration and image management for virtualization) but we were surprised, and a bit humbled by the recognition.

We are also coming off of a big week in New York City where we spent some quality time with the tier one and two financial firms exploring where they are in their thinking about systems management and information security in the enterprise. It was very interesting really….there were several independently validated trends that emerged out of these great customer meetings.

1) Virtualization remains a bit of a curiosity today in most large enterprises. It was a bit uncanny to hear from several of them that they were “10% or less (much less) deployed in their current enterprise IT environments” and that they “expected to be” 40-60% deployed in the 2-4 year time frame.

2) Deployment of MS-Vista on the user endpoints (desktops, workstations, laptops) is going to be “delayed” by at least a year—maybe two. This is somewhat a function of the current financial environment in the Financial Services sector—but likely more a function of not having a compelling reason to switch, coupled with a resounding “we’re not ready.”

The other thing that came thru was common thread of “how do we take this time out and get our stuff together as we prepare for the next wave?”

What was clear is that standardized configuration and image management is a *precursor* to what our customers need to achieve NOW. That is – do more with less by:

1) Delivering more productive IT Business Process cycles with their existing infrastructure WHILE lowering costs and improving compliances.

2) Doing that while optimizing CapEx and lowering OpEx.

Sounds like IT measurement and automation to me. No choice. No more excuses.

Another very interesting normalized data point is that the traditional (read: already in house and validated as suppliers) need to do more to address these needs AND the only – underscore ONLY new vendors that will make the cut to supply in these times are ones that can address the More with Less demand. Period.

So connecting all of these dots……

Our prospects and customers must acquire tools and knowhow to make sure that what they build and deploy in their IT environments STAY deployed as intended through out the IT business process lifecycle.

And if we can’t understand and maintain our S/W builds NOW in our mostly monolithic (1 computer – 1 Operating System and Application Stack)—then how are we possibly going to do this in the Virtualized IT World that we all know is coming?

Thank you Network World for “getting it”… Software measurement and IT controls methods built on high resolution software stack management is not a luxury today… and increasingly crucial to manage the current and future enterprise IT.

IT in Transition turns the page…..